I’m a young local personal trainer whose passion is fitness and to help and encourage people to improve their body and physical ability. I’ve had my fair share of injuries, some of which has had me stuck to my bed, and even though the road of improvement is never ending, I’ve learnt what I’ve needed to do to make myself stronger and help my injuries.

Everyone has their own reason to get into the gym, and hopefully I can be someone to help you find your passion. I enjoy all styles of fitness and what it allows you to do in everyday life. I’ve done boxing, dance, aerial silks, and jiu jitsu, and I love mountain climbing and rock climbing.
I can’t solve every problem, but I can guide people through their struggles to help them find their own solution.

Maybe you’ve tried to get fit before, maybe you’ve tried it heaps of times but can never stick to it. I’ve been the same, I am the same, but it’s all about continuously trying again and again and learning from your last mistakes to make you better for next time. That next time is now.
Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat, and each time get better.


Ph: 0477 405 741

Insta: @encounterpower