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Terms and Conditions & Conditions of entry

  • Please note we are a private company and our rules of use may differ from other gyms. References to the “gym” that follow mean Granite Belt Fitness Pty Ltd.

  • Please read our rules carefully if you do not understand please ask.

  • Please note memberships will be terminated without warning if these rules are not adhered to. Refunds will not be issued and any costs associated with infringement will be charged to those responsible.

  • COVID SAFE: Please adhere to ALL current government guidelines relating to COVID safety.

  • You are not to use the gym if you have a health condition that may be affected by exercise. If you develop a new condition and are uncertain please consult your doctor to gain a medical clearance.

  • Please be aware that the gym is monitored by cctv recordings at all time and by signing this you are acknowledging your awareness of cctv usage.

  • Members under 16 must be accompanied by a member over the age of 18 and have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver and membership documents.

  • We recommend all members carry their mobile phone with them at all times while working out so in an emergency they have a form of contact. Please call 000 in life threatening emergencies.

  • We recommend installing a “panic button” app on your phone so you can quickly contact help if needed or concerned about your security.

  • DO NOT attend the gym in unstaffed hours if you are concerned about your security.

  •  Entering the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if you are suffering from a dangerous mental condition is NOT permitted, whether the gym is staffed or not.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the gym and on the gym grounds including outside the door.

  • It is your responsibility to keep your membership and fees up to date. Entry will be restricted if memberships or fees are unpaid.

  • Pricing may be changed at any time. Reasonable notice will be given for direct debit memberships but no notice will be given to expired members or over counter memberships.

  • Direct debit payment failures attract a fee from the direct debit provider and may attract other fees from your bank. All fees associated with payment failure are your responsibility only.

  • Always scan your own tag before entry. If you lose your tag a $10 replacement fee will be payable.

  • Allowing non-members to enter or bringing in members with your access tag regardless of their membership status is not allowed and is monitored remotely.

  • All exercise should be performed at a level appropriate to you. Do not overweight or try complicated exercises you are untrained in.

  • Entrapment and crush injuries are a serious risk and can cause death. DO NOT overweight or use equipment you have not had instruction with. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT MAXIMUM LIFTS OR RECORDS IN THIS GYM. Using a spotter (or assistant) does not remove this risk and you should only attempt to lift weights you can manage yourself.

  • Training of other members whether for money or not is not permitted unless you have written permission by Granite Belt Fitness Pty Ltd to do so, regardless of your qualification or experience.

  • Please do not use inappropriate language in the gym. Please practice good hygiene and consider the environment of all members.

  • ­­Loitering in or near toilets is not permitted. Do not stay in bathrooms to carry out conversations. Any extended periods in bathroom will be treated as suspicious and police may become involved.

  • Harassment of any type will not be tolerated and police involvement may be sought.

  • Solicitation of any type is not allowed. This includes religious beliefs, sales of ANY product regardless of whether you are a representative of the church, company, brand or product.

  • Please take care lowering weights. Damage to dumb bells, plates or floors will be paid for by those responsible. Injury to others through negligent equipment use may cause legal action. Video surveillance will be checked to find those responsible.

  • Please leave everything the way you found it. 

  • Please wear clean shoes and if you make a mess somewhere clean it up the best you can.

  • Clean covered shoes are ESSENTIAL not optional. Do not take your shoes off and work out in socks. If you want a natural feel use barefoot shoes.

  • Bring only essential items to the gym we take no responsibility for loss or theft.

  • Towels are ESSENTIAL not optional. Put your towel on the bench, mat or floor before you lie on it and wipe any sweat your towel doesn’t cover before you walk away.

  • Water bottles are ESSENTIAL not optional DO NOT drink directly from bottle fillers.

  • Tying up stations will not be tolerated. If you are doing multiple sets on one station get up between sets and look for other people waiting to use the station. Invite other users to work in between your sets and assist them to unload and reload where necessary.

  • If you are doing circuit training please minimise the space and equipment you use. It may be necessary to complete your circuit in 2 or 3 parts that reflect the different areas in the gym.

  • Please respect other members’ privacy and remember the main reason they are here is to exercise.

  • Please avoid making mess in and around the toilets and sinks, if you make a mess please clean it up.

  • In entering and using our gyms you are certifying the following

- that you are participating on your own free will.

- You are physically and mentally sound to proceed with exercise.

- You acknowledge that at all times while on the Granite Belt Fitness premises, both your property and person shall be at your own risk.

- You will only do exercises appropriate for your level of experience and fitness and understand that externally sourced exercise programming may not be suitable for you and is performed at your own risk.

- You will not hold Granite Belt Fitness, its directors or any member of Granite Belt Fitness’ staff responsible or liable for any loss of property or personal injury.

- You will not utilise the facility whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.




Granite Belt Fitness Pty Ltd.

Terms & Conditions



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