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Lu Cadinelli

FITNESS & LONGEVITY with Coach Cadi 

As a certified Personal Trainer in Australia, I have accomplished Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness, and Diploma in Sports and Recreation on the Gold Coast.

I am now taking clients at Granite Belt Fitness Stanthorpe!

I believe that Muscle is the key to Physical Longevity, and I focus primarily on building physical strength through regular training.

Additionally, I truly believe nutrition is as vital to well-being as movement. That food is real medicine, and when these things align, your self esteem and mindset flourish to create The Mind-Body connection.

This is the gateway for a Lifetime committed to Fitness and Longevity. Trust me when I say Wellness is addictive. Let me help you become addicted to your own Health.

Strong Body!
Happy mind!
Healthy Life!

My journey into the health industry began in my homeland of Brazil, where I am also a qualified Pharmacist!

I have been passionate about health and the science of both health and beauty since a very young age.

Now Let’s get Fit! 

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